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hat happens when a group of Orphaned Girls, bright, brainy, and talented in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM) are chosen for a special assignment? To save a species of animals on the brink of extinction!

The critically endangered Mountain Gorilla of Africa, where only 1063 are alive on the entire planet!

Here comes the Wildlife Divas Adventure Team to the rescue. Join in on their adventure in the first book in the series, Saving the Endangered Mountain Gorilla...

A Global Educational Children's Book Series

by Lisa M Randolph, Author

A Global Educational Children's Book Series

Book Trailer

The Wildlife Divas Adventure Team

A Global Educational Children's Book Series

About the Author

Attending Georgetown University's Creator Institute, Ms. Randolph's first children's book garnered international recognition. A recent trip to Uganda for a one-month book tour and international launch hosted by US Ambassador, Madam Natalie E. Brown, gained attenion from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, Minsitry of Education, The Jane Goodall Institute and world renowned gorllia expert, Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka,

Ms. Randolph made several TV appearances while on tour, starting Good Morning Uganda, stressing the importance of girls especially, pursuing education in STEM/STEAM related fields, while bringing attention to the plight of mountain gorillas declining populations due to habitat loss and the importance of wildlife conservation.

She has also appeared as a guest on several Podcasts, including publisher New Degree Press's Creator Community's Podcast "Meet the Authors" with follow author/Podcast Host, John Saunders.

She resides in the Northern California city of Elk Grove with her two dogs, Rose, a terrier-mix and Petal, a teacup chihuahua and is currently working on books 2 & 3 in the Wildlife Divas Adventure Team series, Stay tuned for the next exciting adventures in the Spring and Fall of 2023.

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International Book Launch

July 30,2022

Madam Ambassador

Natalie E. Brown

Let's Go Gorilla


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A Global Educational Children's Book Series

Illustrations from The Wildlife Divas Adventure Team

Saving the Endangered Mountain Gorilla

Meet Illustrator

Sofia Ruzo

Talented Artist and Illustrator Sofia Ruzo, resides in Lima, Peru. Contracted to illustrate the next two books in the Wildlife Divas series.

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What People Are Saying...

"This book proves that young women of diverse backgrounds can not only survive anything, but thrive anywhere"

-Ebony Gilbert

MFA Screenwriter & Author

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"Randolph's efforts will surely contribute to the survival of comminities that owe their living to the gorilla tourism value chain."

-Stephen Masaba

Executive Director of Tourism & Business Development

Uganda Wildlife Authority

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"Fun, Motivating, and Educational, while introducing diverse characters to young readers through STEAM. A Masterful job."

- Dr. Lou Adams, Ph.D

Los Angeles County

Office of Education

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